Movie Music

A few cues from To Tell You The Truth, an unfinished documentary about the great outsider artist Eugene Andolsek.

Iris is an action-adventure love story between Karl, who is a robotic hamster, and Iris, who is a flower. While Karl is away on business, Zogg3.1, an evil zombie/robot with inside-out skin, captures Iris and brings her to his laboratory in order to harness her life force for his own diabolical purposes. Karl races to the rescue, as Iris fights to stay alive. I made Iris for my application to the Sundance Composers Lab, which I attended in 2004. It was an intense and inspiring two week film scoring summer camp in Sundance, Utah. Learnt a lot there and met many wonderful people.

A science demonstration video made to promote the Falcatross Sprung record, featuring the song Magnetic Dust.

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  1. On the subject of the ‘To Tell You The Truth’ documentary about artist Eugene Andolsek. My name is Frank Panichelle. I am the artist who owns and operates the personal care home where Eugene spent the last years of his life. It was through my wife and my efforts that Eugene’s work was finally brought to light. I am the person in the first and last scenes of the cues you posted about the film. I’am contacting you in the hopes that you can furnish me with info. that will enable me to view/purchase the documentary.

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